We believe that eating the right things is one part of the bigger wellbeing picture. Our purpose is to provide all the very best in what you need to eat on a daily basis, including fresh local produce, bread and milk/yoghurt/cheese, dry pantry goods, nuts and seeds, snacks, ice-cream, mueslis, oils, and all other essentials for great tasting healthy food.

Some of the brands that we stock include:

A2 Milk, Barambah, Olive Green Organics Pasta, GF Precinct Bread, HealthyBake, Cob’s Popcorn, Mt Uncle’s Banana Flour, Orgran, JimJam and much more.

Our range changes daily, and we are regularly updating our own selection of home made products.

We focus on stocking the best products for theĀ Gluten Free, Low FODMAP, Paleo and Vegan diets.